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Year 2016
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--Stephen Gill informs Dr. Choudhary, Professor of English Literature and a poet and literary critic, that he does not follow any establish tradition in his writing. He establishes…FEATURE 42


-Self-exiled Indo/Canadian poet

Stephen Gill tells Dr. Shobha Diwakar that he has incredible respect for Nobel Prize, and its Academy, though once in a while its decisions can be questioned…Feature 41


--Messiah is used for Christ in the Bible.  Who are maniac messiahs in Stephen Gill’s poetry and novels and how are they going to establish the Republic of Chaos...Feature 40


--The world has become a global village, but this village is without its councillors and mayor. Governments have failed to bring sanity to the insane situation, primarily because… FEATURE 39


--Stephen Gill is convinced that the idea of world citizenship is not abstract. The UN is a kind of world government but it is not fully effective because…Feature 38


--Stephen Gill says that his  philosophy behind a World Government is to stop the future horrors and wastes.  He is fully convinced that the United Nations is a sort of a world government though.. Feature 37


--HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY. I agree with the words in Genesis, “Lord God says it is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable…FEATURE 36


--In addition to the followers of the Bhakti Movement, the Almighty is the embodiment of love for Sufi poets, who  worship God in the houses with no walls, and speak the language of… FEATURE 35


--Inter-racial and inter- cultural marriages bulldoze collective consciousness that is always under development. Children from these…FEATURE 34


--Professor Dr. NK. Agarwal asks Stephen Gill about the  traumatic experience of Indian diaspora in Canada. Feature 33


-- Life is not a ready-made dish, says Stephen Gill. I call my Flashes trilliums in haiku spirit. Poets should not be afraid  to experiment with language and style as long as it makes… Feature 32


--Stephen Gill quotes from his poems and novels to define the love that builds a connection with the ocean of…Feature 31


-- Dr. Sharma says  terrorists are sick. She wants to know how to cure their sickness and if literary activities are helpful in any way…FEATURE 30


--Stephen Gill told media the ways he relaxes. One of the ways…FEATURE 29

-Scholars who are doing doctorate on the works of Stephen Gill and availability of assistance… FEATURE 28

-Poet Stephen Gill is the product of the insanities which danced on the stage of religion and politics in 1947 in India and Pakistan. I saw its nudity in New Delhi, where I grew up. I was born in Sialkot… FEATURE 27

-- Aim of education is to enlighten to distinguish between right and wrong. Properly educated person  will not leave everything to scientists and politicians but probably keep an eye…Feature 26

--A question about the use of wind as symbol by Stephen Gill  was asked by Prof. Sarangi. He discovered that the symbol has something to do with his room where…Feature 25

--I can write anywhere and at any time. Before sitting before a computer, or with a pen and paper, I have to write in my mind first. To others---Feature 24

--Sufi poets, the poets of Bhakti tradition and Christianity love nature and so does Stephen Gill. His poetry is mystical as is the poetry of… Feature 23

--Stephen Gill presents his books to the library of Cornwall where he has been living for over half century and writes as an self-exiled…MORE

--Copy of the letter by Stephen Gill published in Daily SF that expresses his belief that love is God, and absence of love results in…READ MORE

--Stephen Gill, Indo/Canadian poet, avoids discussing his early life in India in his writings because…Feature 22

---Stephen Gill informs Dr.  Arora that everyone is not capable of parenting just as everyone is not capable of driving or owning a gun. To control undesirable parenting for the sake of peace..DETAILS

--Terrorism is the result of clashes of ideas. It has to be challenged on the front of ideas with ideas-DETAILS

--Indian Periodical asks Stephen Gill about his favourite poem and poet. ANSWER


--Asian News from Canada asks Stephen Gill if writing on peace can establish …ANSWER


--Terrorists are maniac messiahs who are chimpanzees from the loveless atmosphere where they experience… DETAILS


--Answering a question from the NGO the United Minds For Peace about the art of poetry Stephen Gill says that he has drafted rules to convey his message which include… DETAILS


-Dr. Diwakar, a poet and literary critic, asks Stephen Gill about terrorism in his works…DETAILS


-Prof. Dr. Choudhary asks Stephen Gill to define a good poem… READ


--Prof. Dr. Jaydeep Sarangi asks Stephen Gill if he feels uprooted in Canada. Stephen Gill is a self-exiled poet and novelist…ANSWER


-- Poetry is vision, and the language of soul that is  incredibly effective to reach …



---Dove as a symbol in Stephen Gill’s poetry. Dove  is symbolized as the emblem of peace.  Among Christians…



--Art is communication and communication is the oxygen of life. IKS University is…DETAILS


--Stephen Gill’s Gandhian ideology of nonviolence in his writings is about live and let live…DETAILS


--Canada is not as rich in mythology as India is. Canadian history starts with the French who came as…DETAILS


--20th century was the renaissance for poetry, and the 21st century will bless it further in an unimaginable way because… DETAILS


--Dr. Dominic probes the appealing aspect of creative literature in the Cyber Age, because… DETAILS


---The accomplishments of poetry in the 20th century will  

be known also for gradual flowering that reached maturity….Details


--Talent is not enough to write good poetry. Talent is a rough diamond that needs to be…DETAILS


--Literature is communication, and communication is oxygen of…DETAILS


--Poetry is as important for human development as are the roots for a tree and a tree is for its leaves. Poetry is the Lotus of the beauty and beauty is truth and truth---DETAILS


--Should a poet be subjective or objective or maintain  a balance between the two? Which path …Details


--Stephen Gill’s tribute to Canada on July 1, 2017, Canada Day…READ


--In response to a number of latest terrorist attacks on peaceful citizens, Stephen Gill’s sonnet 55… READ


--Stephen Gill’s poem to mother, I wish you were here. READ


--Stephen Gill’s two novels of ideas based on live and let live just released…DETAILS


-- Hindi translation of Stephen Gill's prominent novel The Coexistence, blueprint to live and let live,  to be completed.  Any publisher…


--Where is the X”Mas spirit, poet Stephen Gill asks


--Most agonizing experience when the website of a poet was hacked… DETAILS


--“The Captivating Snow,”A poem by Dr. Shobha Diwakar..



--Prof. of English Literature Dr. Kala says that Gill triumphs in creating a distinct type of sonnets retaining their utmost poetic charm. The Stephenean sonnets are the perfect fusion of…FULL PAPER


--Stephen Gill will be the special guest of Bharat Times to present his sonnets from his latest book.  Event is sponsored by Canada Council… DETAILS


-- Philosophical Musings for Meaningful Life is a literary study of Dominic’s poetry. It is released in the States by Modern History Press, and is introduced by Stephen Gill. When Dr. Dominic talks about injustices, his pen becomes… DETAILS


-- Dr. Rita Garg, a novelist, poet, and a  literary critic who teaches English Literature at INM Post Graduate college in Meerut, India, presents her research paper  on Stephen Gill’s sonnets in his book The Singer of Life. READ PAPER


--Aroma, the latest poem by Shobha Diwakar: The cozy mist reposing on the Slumbering leaves Shakes them out of their stupor;…. 



--Dr.Adolf  Shvedchikov, a prominent poet and a nominee of Nobel Prize, has translated Stephen Gill’s love poems into Russian. READ


--Three sonnets and an article from Stephen Gill’s latest book Love is the singer of lifeDETAILS


--The way to survive and prosper in the complex world of today. Good wishes from Stephen Gill…  Wishes


--Again this year, Christians are going to celebrate the birth of the Messiah who came to establish the culture of  peace but…read what Stephen Gill says in this poem… X’mas Spirit

--How an IndoCanadian poet and novelist plans to celebrate thanksgiving day and expects Indian community in Canada to celebrate it. DETAILS

--KK Srivastava is gaining reputation internationally for his poetry. A journalist from Alive asks him some pertinent questions: INTERVIEW

*Shobha Diwakar, a poet and literary critics from India, sends a poem  on Stephen Gill: Loot, killing and arson/ swept away innocent lives/ while screams and rapesFull poem

*Bannore , a poet from India, sends a poem The Sun to appreciate Stephen Gill  for his helping nature:

This sun is no other than Stephen Gill, The great Poet Laureate--A humble shaper of writers and poets. They  will be thankful to the Almighty
For blessing them with a learned guide.


*While Prime Minister Narendra Modi was saying in Toronto “India used to be known for its scams, and he wants it to be known for its skills,” a book publisher in Chandigarh, India,  was openly scamming. DETAILS

*Prof. Bijay Kant Dubey has his own unique way to convey his message in poetry. Read below what he says about Stephen Gill, a poet for peace:  Continue spreading the message of love , humanism, peace and harmony, sympathy and coexistence. Continue releasing the doves of peace, saving the earth from warfare and pollution, making it livable, being a loftiest humanist, a singer of hearts, an ambassador of peace!  DETAILS

* SRI AUROBINDO’S SHOES, a short story by a prominent writer of India, Professor P. Raja   READ


*The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani,  Goa Campus,  is organising a National Conference on Ecocinema: Celebrating Landscapes and Waterscapes” on 09 & 10, October 2015.  DETAILS


* Professor Nar Deo Sharma taught literature, linguistics and creative writing.  As an expert on linguistics, Prof.  Sharma has brilliantly brought out in his writings ‘stylistic niceties and the mellifluous metaphors in the wrappings of multipurpose perspectives’, says KK Srivastava, a prominent poet and reviewer from India. REVIEW


*Dr. Stephen Gill  believes that democracy has brought a new light for repressed classes, but sorrowfully it has not brought much of this new light for women. He discusses peace and freedoms for Indian women in digital era here.  DETAILS


*Prof. Saima Anwar Dhamyal and Muhammad Rizwan from Pakistan examine Stephen Gill’s novel The Coexistence from the point of humanism. DETAILS


--A short conversation of a prominent writer of Pakistan Mr. Hamza Hassan Sheikh with a world renowned writer Stephen Gill, published in Urdu READ MORE

-- A study of perverse human ecology in Stephen Gill’s poetry of exclusively innovative style  by Prof. Nar Deo Sharma...  DETAILS

--An assessment of Stephen Gill’s long poem Amputee  by Koketso  Marishane from South Africa… DETAILS

--Under the Chhattisgarh Series JAGDALPUR is the sixth short fiction by Stephen Gill. Jagdalpur  is about the macabre rituals of witchcraft, Maharaja Pravir, the prophecies concerning Kohinoor,  and a legend that ties Kohinoor to Lord Krishna. This evocative, and fascinating fiction moves swiftly and smoothly, even with the density of detail.  READ


BASTAR  is the fifth short fiction  in the Chhattisgarh Series by Stephen Gill. It unmasks the weird ideology and life of Rajneesh, the Ghotul of the Gonds and facts hidden in the region of Bastar, and about its last ruler…  DETAILS


--Noise is a powerful and nicely detailed fourth short fiction in Stephen Gill’s provocative Chhattisgarh Series. It  is about the   Adivasi,   mythology, politics, Saint Ghasidas and noise. Chhattisgarh, a five thousand years old region, is a province of India. DETAILS


--A Romanian editor seeking material on Stephen Gill’s novel The Coexistence.. Details

-- Stephen Gill’s novel The Coexistence has been released in Romanian, and based on this novel Dr. Olimpia Iacob authored a book of English Grammar. DETAILS


--Stop rape before India becomes a replica of the Middle Ages, says Dr. Stephen Gill. The main source is the electoral practice. Democracy in India is by the elite and for the elite, and… DETAILS


--Where there is no peace there is no health and where there is no health there is no prosperity and meaning in living. Peace, health and prosperity walk together. Tolerance opens the door to peace, says Dr. Stephen Gill in this article on tolerance.  DETAILS


--Virtuoso, a journal from India,  needs quality material for the next issue. Please find DETAILS


--Professor Dr. Alka Singh invites

research papers on “gender roles

in postmodern world.” Details Here


--The second of October was  the international day, declared by the UN to celebrate nonviolence. It is also the day when Mahatma Gandhi was born.  Gandhi produced a symphony of hearts.

Details HERE


--A panoramic sight that poet Anuradha Bannore usually see  when she goes out  for

a walk in a park in Vadodara in the state of Gujrat in India:

Poem HERE 



-IKS University in


India, interviews

Stephen Gill.

Details HERE


--Dr. Ajay Chaubey is

editing an anthology on V S

Naipaul and Salman Rushdie.

Details HERE

--Jaydeep Sarangi from India

interviews Sue Wootton, a known

poet of New Zealand. Details



--Patricia Prime, a leading

reviewer from  New Zealand,

reviews a collection of poems by Dr. by Dr. Sarangi. Details HERE


--Dearest Ma and Pa

To you we owe success and


You are the greatest treasure of our life

We thank you ….

To read full  poem from 

Anuradha  Bannore Click 



-Sheela  Dahima  from India sends a philosophical poem in Hindi about sufferings. She feels they bring her being close to her  understanding. Details  HERE


==The second print of Mr. KK Srivastava ‘s collection of poems has been released by Atlantic Publishers in New Delhi. He is to be congratulated. For details, please click  HERE


*Empowered Peace Poet Award from The World Poetry International, headquartered  in Vancouver, B.C. ,  goes to Stephen Gill., novelist and poet.  Details



==Veronica’ literary world, comprising of imagination, intuition, illumination and reflection, is a thinking world, where thoughts prosper and glow and where within each thought is nestled… To read this review by KK Srivastava, please click . HERE


--Dr. Sheeba Rakesh from Lucknow University, India, invites research papers, authentic, scholarly and unpublished, from all over the world for an anthology.  She feels that  this anthology would be an important  step  in the direction of understanding women…. For details, please click HERE


--Volumes have been written on the tragedies of Japan. One is tsunami and another is the nuclear disaster.  Dhriti Sharma from Gujarat, India, has written a timely song. To read this song, entitled Hope for Japan, please click HERE


--in just a matter of moments
the hawk left without lunch…

To read the complete poem from Judith Pittman from the USA, please click HERE

--Convergence of Two Cultures in the Digital Age by  N.D.R. Chandra,  a Fulbright-Nehru Senior Research Fellow… To read this thought-provoking article, click HERE


--If  I come to your cross

with a white flower

In my suitcase

It will be towards the evening

And the fir branch


will shake…..

To read this full beautiful lyric  and two other by Olimpia Jacob, a Romanian celebrated poet, please click HERE


--The daily incidents of murders
Terrorists attacks on innocents
Lives snatched away forcibly
Women forced to die… For full poem by Alka Agrawal,  Read

--Dr. Abha Kaushik is editing an anthology of post modern fiction. She seeks submissions. For details, please click PostModern


--- I am alone
I remember you


 A poem by Dr. Ram Sharma. To read click HERE



--My heart leaps with Pride—

My birthday is this memorable day!

Swaying and jumping with joy-

I shriek with a new-born Pride-

To read the full poem by Shiela Gujral, a celebrated poet of India, click HERE



-- I could ride to other realms, where spoken words were carpets… a poem by Smita Tewari. To Read



-- Mr. KK Srivastava “delivers some powerful lines that capture the aching exposure of life, the vulnerability of our core laid open,” says Patricia Prime in her review of Ineluctable Stillness. For full review, please click Read



--Dr. Anuradha Sharma’s edited anthology An Interpretation of Stephen Gill’s Mind and Art is going to be released in the second week of April by Sunbun publishers.  Award-winning author  Dr. Anuradha Sharma has been honored recently in Canada with awards, including one doctorate and ….READ


















-- Blue Waters, another poem by Shobha Diwakar, a prominent poet from India. POEM


--Perception, a poem by Shobha DiwakarPerception


-- The very foundation they inhabit/

They attack silently /Suddenly one fine morning…More of this new poem  Termites by Shobha Diwakar


--Slaughtered, another poem by Shobha Diwakar: no remorse?/ bitter…bitter… bitter /  wild , vicious

Oh humanity/ art thou asleep ? Full

 --Shobha Diwakar, a prominent literary critic and poet from India, presents her  poem Silence.


--Shobha Diwakar’s poem Another year ENDS…READ


-Shobha Diwakar’s poem on the independence Day of India…READ


--The Rain, the latest poem by Shobha Diwakar. READ


--Two poems by Dr. Ram Sharma



-Dr. Shobha Diwakar presents her Hindi poem in her own voice. Click



--Romanian translation of Stephen Gill’s sonnets by Prof. Dr. Olimpia Iacob to appear also in… DETAILS


--Dr. Shobha Diwakar, a poet, literary critic and former prof. of English Literature evaluates Stephen Gill’s sonnets in The Singer of Life.  READ


--Stephen Gill presents his love sonnets on a radio station and discusses them. For the direct link, please click HERE


--An established Russian writer would like his books to be used as text books.



--Six poems on world peace by Dr. Adolf Shvedchikov, a prominent poet and a nominee for the Nobel Prize for Literature…     POEMS


--A writer and a  supporter of writers Prof. Dr. Buttar elected as a Fellow of Cardiovascular Academy… DETAILS


--Dr. Shobha Diwakar from India sends a poem on the first death anniversary of her brother who passed away on Nov. 3, 2014…POEM


--Stephen Gill quotes on love--- HERE




--Shobha Diwakar’s fresh poem  Murmurs: The rippling sparkling waters /Trying to rush beyond the other  MURMURS

--Shadows of the Real (eBook), by KK Srivastava, a prominent poet from India,  now available in German language. DETAILS


*Dr. Harpal Singh Buttar and Mrs. Harinder Kaur Buttar Merit Award for the year 2015 goes to Maninder Kaur of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Research Department of Punjabi University. Awardee  is a candidate for her doctorate andDETAILS


* Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was the 11th president of India. His notable success was a tribute to his education, hard work and impressive character that is the outcome of the multicultural heritage that makes him one of the great personalities of the world history, says Dr. Stephen Gill in his eulogy.  DETAILS


*Read this ugly incident that demonstrates how some Diaspora behave in weird ways. Stephen Gill, a poet and novelist of international reputation, was searched in his hometown that is illegal and shameful.                     DETAILS


*Department of English and Foreign Languages of SRM University in India  is organizing a two-day conference on 'English Language Teaching in the Present Context'  in the month of Sept. 2015 DETAILS


*Another beautiful poem by Joy Rainey King from the States, titled Peace Like a Melody: When all harsh words are mended /Then the world will be as God intended..  PEACE


J:\writerslifeline.ca\king-peace like melody.jpg

*INTERNATIONAL PEACE AND HARMONY CONFERENCE IN CANADA hosted by Académie Bharat Times de la Paix on  September 20 & 21, 2015 at  Hôtel Le Mirage Blainville, Blainville, Quebec (next to Montreal).


J:\writerslifeline.ca\BT academy conference.pdf


*Yuan Changming, 8-time Pushcart nominee, is the world's most widely published poetry author who speaks Mandarin but writes English about peace related subjects. To read his selected poems Pl. click  READ



* Younis  Sabir, a prominent poet of Pakistan sends a poem that reminds the brutal bombing of an army public school in Peshaware in 2014: 

What an age has dawned

Innocent laughters

Of little ones are turned

Into a river of sobs.  DETAILS


J:\writerslifeline.ca\ARMY PUBLIC SCHOOL, 2014 (1).htm

*A short story by Dr. Shobha Diwakar that reveals a psychological aspect of human nature. READ


J:\writerslifeline.ca\Diwakar- Lunch Party.htm

*Bitter Gourd, a new poem by Dr. Shobha Diwakar from India. READ

J:\writerslifeline.ca\diwakar- Bitter Gourd.htm


*It rained the other night

Keeping us all awake

The power went off

The night was grey

J:\writerslifeline.ca\diwakar- Bitter Gourd.htm

These are four  lines from the Sunny Day, the latest poem by Shobha Diwakar, a prominent poet and literary critic of India. To read the complete poem, please click HERE

J:\writerslifeline.ca\DIWAKAR- Sunny Day.htm

*Dr. Shobha Diwakar appears with another poem that mirrors the world of today. She asks:

J:\writerslifeline.ca\DIWAKAR- Sunny Day.htm

Murders, rapes, kidnappings, loot

Are they all a man’s birthright?

The earth is burdened with immoral beings

The morals are curdled with butter and cream    DETAILS

J:\writerslifeline.ca\DIWAKAR- Sunny Day.htm

J:\writerslifeline.ca\diwakar-World Is Too Much.htm

*Whispering Hope is about  the sudden death of Shobha Diwakar’s brother, a neurogurgeon in the UK. He died of  a massive heart attack. POEM

J:\writerslifeline.ca\Diwakar-Whispering Hope.htm

J:\writerslifeline.ca\Diwakar-Whispering Hope.htm

*A Pathan Soldier is a powerful short

story about the 1971 tragic events in East Pakistan. Within a few months three million Bengalees were killed and ten million escaped to the neighboring country of India. Out of the atrocities which include the barbarous rape there emerged a new nation of Bangladesh..


J:\writerslifeline.ca\pathan Soldier-Stephen Gill.pdf

--Gill’s creative genius crosses all boundaries, says Dr. Shobha Diwkar in her research paper on Stephen Gill’s novel The Coexistence. DETAILS

J:\writerslifeline.ca\Diwakar--Beyond Boundaries.htm

--Two poems by Jaydeep Sarangi from India.. DETAILS

J:\writerslifeline.ca\Sarangi-two poems.htm

--Postmodern World, a poem by Maria Cristina Azcona, USA


J:\writerslifeline.ca\Postmodern World--Azcona.htm

--Two latest poems by Shobha Diwakar from India:

S/he insists she will not marry a boy

If s/he does it will be a girl

The parents are shocked


J:\writerslifeline.ca\Diwakar, Delusion & doc.htm

-- Dr. Shobha Diwakar from India sends two poems. One is about the mystery of life and death. Another is on the death of    her  cousin on  22nd  Oct:

J:\writerslifeline.ca\Diwakar, Delusion & doc.htm

His aching body lay still

His eyes closed, lips quivering

He spoke not a word… DETAILS

J:\writerslifeline.ca\Diwakar, Delusion & doc.htm

-- Two poems by Dr. Shobha Diwakar.  The first poem is about her cousin who is critically ill & is in the hospital. We pray for his fast recovery. Poems HERE

J:\writerslifeline.ca\IN  HOSPITAL--Diwakar.htm

- Those who think that procreation is every one’s birth right is wrong, says Dr. Stephen Gill. As a result of this thinking, human population is growing much faster than the population of animals. In this age when crime is on the increase, along with poverty and population, it is necessary for the states to… Details HERE


--Two more poems by Shobha

Diwakar, a painter poet of India.


J:\writerslifeline.ca\Eclipsed & Sucker.htm

--Shweta Subram is a graceful elegance of Indian music in Canada that has been dazzling the audience for years. She is on her way to dazzle the global village. Clippings HERE

J:\writerslifeline.ca\Shweta Subram.htm

J:\writerslifeline.ca\Shweta Subram.htm

--Frank Joussen, a teacher and author of three  collections of poems, sends this poem from Germany for his true friend Stephen Gill this soul-touching lyric:

I wish I could
send you an angel
to give you strength
to bring you hope,

confidence, tranquillity…

To read  complete poem,  please click HERE

J:\writerslifeline.ca\Joussen, An Agenl.htm

J:\writerslifeline.ca\Joussen, An Agenl.htm

--Sheela Dahima  from India sends a poem in Hindi about the beauty of life. HERE

J:\writerslifeline.ca\Sheela Dhima- Life is beautiful.pdf

--Two poems from Shobha Diwakar: The Holy Ganges, and Azadi. Full text, click HERE

J:\writerslifeline.ca\Ganges and Azadi-Diwakar.htm

--Dr. Jaydeep Sarangi dedicates a poem to Stephen Gill:
 When you hold

A candle of hope
Providing a blueprint for life

In your psalms
A Dove begins to fly…

To read complete  lyric from Jaydeep Sarangi, a prominent critic, professor and poet from India, Please click    HERE


J:\writerslifeline.ca\PEACE Dedication to Stephen Gill.htm

--Dr. Jaydeep Sarangi will edit a special issue of Muse India on dalits. He seeks relevant material. Details HERE

J:\writerslifeline.ca\Sarangi edits journal.htm

==Another beautiful poem from Anuradha Bannore from India: The beautiful lamp of heaven--tore through the darkness of the night and spread a ruddy golden hue around, bathing the earth with it’s bright rays. Full poem HERE

J:\writerslifeline.ca\Lamp Of Heaven--Bannore.htm

*Dr. Shobha Diwakar, a perceptive critic and poet from India, writes a poem, The Bard,  dedicated to Dr. Stephen Gill:

J:\writerslifeline.ca\VidCon 13 First Call.pdf

He rose like a meteor

in the rancid sky

that once bloomed…

For full text, please click HERE

J:\writerslifeline.ca\Diwakar-The Bard.htm

*Two meaningful poems from Shobha Diwakar, a prominent literary critic of India…HERE

J:\writerslifeline.ca\Diwakar, soldiers and bliss.htm

*I began dissipating

Into elements of light

 suffused as rays of blue and white.

To read this poem by Chittaranjan Misra, a poet from India, please Click HERE

J:\writerslifeline.ca\diwakar-smuggy pledges.htm

*Interview with poet K.K. Srivastava by       Patrick Sammut. Mr. Srivastava from India is a poet and also an accountant. How he is able to handle his love for poetry and profession is interesting. For this and other questions, please click  HERE     

J:\writerslifeline.ca\diwakar-smuggy pledges.htm

--Dr. Tarun Tapas Mukherjee invites papers for Rupkatha Journal. For details, please click HERE

J:\webupdated\Zero Point--Chit. Misra.htm

--She is a light whose life has taken wing,
A joyful butterfly with smiling face,
Reflecting happiness that makes me sing
And fills me with a sense of God’s own grace


J:\webupdated\Call for Papers for Volume 3.doc

-- The children play in the sunshine

In a nascent dawn born of baited bliss….

To read complete poem by Durlabh Singh from UK, please clock HERE


--A poem by a prominent poet of India,  Shiela Gujral, in her own hand-writing. To read this  lovely piece, please click HERE


--Bhakti Yoga which is ingrained in the teachings of Bhagvad Geeta and Bhagvat Purana  teaches the gospel of love. Dr. Stephen Gill follows the same line to achieve peace through  peaceful means which indicates love, says Dr. Anuradha Sharma in this research artilcle, titled Indian Mythology, Peace & Stephen Gill. For full text,  READ

J:\webupdated\Durlabh Singh.htm

--Jasvinder Singh says:  “Stephen Gill World Peace Academy (India) has opened a  new chapter under the orgies of Dr. Ram Sharma  to provide a platform for  poets and writers  from everywhere.  Its inaugural journal contains  thirty five poets, who express their views on world peace and… For full text   Read 


--I will float into your need
on a lifeboat

laden… a poem by  Josephine Stone. To read entire poem, please click here


J:\webupdated\Mythology and peace.Sharma.WL2.htm


It was a day of upheaval

Consecrated to the flame

Yet her face was a mass of calm

No wind disturbed its outer crust

     To read full poem by Farzana Quader



--Writer’s Lifeline will honor a few writers and poets from different nations with international award for peace. . Please nominate them.



-- Stephen Gill’s new novel, The Coexistence,  will be released by Orientalia, New Delhi,  in April when he is  in India on his literary tour in April and May. Set in Canada and India, the Coexistence provides a blueprint to live and let live, showing ideological clashes between the believers in the survival of the fittest and cooperation. More..  Read



J:\webupdated\Josephine StoneWL.htm


-- I wish HAPPY EASTER with prayers to the Almighty to save  the global village from the lava of fanaticism of the maniac messiahs, and help peacemakers to spread the culture of understanding to make it possible for every human to live and let live. I remember Stephen Hawking…Garden of Eden


--Stephen Gill in the West  launched by the Hon. Guy Lauzon & some related write-ups…DETAILS


--Well-wishers are invited to this memorable event when The Hon. MP launches a book on Stephen Gill, a self-exiled… MORE


--I wish happy birthday of the Prince of Peace in spite of the fact the birth of the Prince of Peace is not easy to celebrate because of the clashes between…. MORE


-- This letter is the continuation of “Love is God”, published in Nov. 8 of Standard-Freeholder. I am convinced that it is the love of God that manifests in …More


--Stephen Gill suggests for teachers to ponder…DETAILS


--Stephen Gill’s Sufi sonnets in Bhakti tradition will be available shortly in book form in Arabic. Publishers…Details

--Stephen Gill honored on the 150th

Canada Day with a medal by the Honble Guy Lauzon, because…  DETAILS

--Stephen Gill presents Stephenean Love Sonnets on May 21, 2017 in Montreal.…DETAILS

-- What then if it is a New Year ! This day is the same as any other day of last week, even last year….FULL POEM

--A critical study titled A Study in Stephen Gill’s novel The Coexistence  is going to be released shortly by Prakash Books Dept. Please find the features about the book HERE


--Hon’ble Arya releases Stephen Gill’s love sonnets in Ottawa City Hall. Canada and South Korea became borderless… MORE


-The Coexistence (novel) is the psalm of Stephen Gill’s soul, says Prof. of English Dr. Mishra. For Stephen Gill peace is sacred and also… DETAILS


--Please find here about The Singer of Life--Stephen Gill’s sonnets, gazals in English, and a few evaluations, as well as…   DETAILS


--Prof. Dr. Khatri says that Stephen Gill in his love sonnets does not follow any of the conventional parameters and compares love mostly using metaphors and similes. The poet deserves kudos for his concept of …Read here DETAILS


--In the preface to The Singer of Life,   Stephen Gill says: “I modify the format of the sonnet to suit my purpose.  In other words, I change bottles, but the wine remains the same.”Dr. Bratton says, “Still, it might be argued that he has replaced one closed form with another. This decision intrigued me in first reading these new poems: why not simply break the bottle rather than “change” it?” FOR DETAILS pl.  CLICK HERE


--Stephen Gill’s sonnets, called also Stephenean sonnets because of their new format, are evaluated  here by Dr. KV Dominic, a prominent poet, literary critic ,editor and retired assistant professor of English Lit.  READ


--Another beautiful poem by Dr. Shobha Diwakar: Down Memory Lane     Poem


--Latest poem from Dr. Shobha Diwakar, SHADOWS:

The bright moon shining up in the sky/ Sheds its shimmering shadow



----Writers in India are returning their awards to protest growing lack of freedom of expression and politically-motivated killing. Writers of more than ten languages have protested. DETAILS


--The energy that heals. What Stephen Gill says about love… READ


--Notable issue before Canadian electorate in 2015 election is peace and security. Other issues like job, taxes, niquab are related to this issue… DETAILS





--Stephen Gill donates the books  he authored after 2009 and authored by others on his books in a special gathering—REPORT


*Shobha Diwakar is a prolific writer. She sends a poem on eclipse: It was a fortnight back / that its glow spread/ its radiance upon the earth below…. FULL POEM


--Onward March, a fresh poem on the freedom of India by Prof. Dr. Shobha Diwakar: If like Hamlet we remain Corruption will surely seal our fate.


-- Prof. Dr. Nar Deo Sharma  from the university of Rajasthan,  India,   says that the poetry of  Stephen Gill is exclusively of innovative style. He  thoroughly searches  the role of  perverse human ecology  in Stephen Gill’s poetry. A useful paper for scholars. PAPER

*Prof. Dr. HS Buttar surveys Sikh diaspora: DETAILS


*A poem by Prof. Shobha Diwakar on the tragedy of 9/11



*A poetic homage to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam by Prof. Shobha Diwakar, a prominent poet and literary critic from India:

He emerged from humble means A gallant star to shine   Full Poem


*The third collection of short stories by Shoaib Sadiq, a prominent Canadian Urdu fiction writer from Pakistan, will be released in Montreal on July 24th. Main guest would be The Council General of Pakistan Azra Jamali. DETAILS


*Shweta Subram  recognized as South Asian of the Year by Zee TV and Maple Diversity. DETAILS



*Writers Union of Canada releases results of income survey   DETAILS


J:\writerslifeline.ca\Writers Union of Canada releases results.htm

J:\writerslifeline.ca\Writers Union of Canada releases results.htm

*Suffi poems (Urdu/Hindi) of Stephen Gill, performed by skilled singers and musicians. Comments are earnestly sought for improvement. SUFFI SONGS


J:\writerslifeline.ca\SUFFI SONGS.htm

J:\writerslifeline.ca\SUFFI SONGS.htm

*Three poems by Sunil Sharma,  a widely-published Indian critic, poet,  editor, translator, and fiction writer…        READ


J:\writerslifeline.ca\Sunil Sharma-poems.htm

J:\writerslifeline.ca\Sunil Sharma-poems.htm

*Six Urdu/Hindi poems of Stephen Gill. Urdu poems


J:\writerslifeline.ca\Sunil Sharma-poems.htm

J:\writerslifeline.ca\Gill-Six poems.pdf

*Dr. Rupal Farista, a literary critic, evaluates Stephen Gill’s novel The Coexistence from the point of alienation and mother fixation. DETAILS

J:\writerslifeline.ca\Rupal Farista-coexistence.htm


J:\writerslifeline.ca\Rupal Farista-coexistence.htm

*After a long patience, Unistar Books from India will release  Stephen Gill’s novel The Chhattisgarh on the 20th of April of 2015. The novel is   DETAILS



*Stephen Gill’s Urdu/Hindi poem Guzerti Yun Zindgi being performed with beautiful music by James Ladhar, a talented singer and musician from Punjab, India. To listen, click    HERE

J:\writerslifeline.ca\GUZARTI YUW JINDGI-NEW SONG.mp3

J:\writerslifeline.ca\GUZARTI YUW JINDGI-NEW SONG.mp3

*James Ladhar from Jalandhar, Panjab, India, sings Stephen Gill’s Urdu/Hindi poem Talash. To enjoy it in melody, please click  HERE



*A historical conference to be held in April in more than  5000 years old historical area of Durg in Chhattisgarh, India, to be arranged by a college named after Shivaji, a legendary hero.. DETAILS

J:\writerslifeline.ca\brochure shivaji conferene.pdf


*Shobha Diwakar writes about man's craze to covet material wealth based on a fairy tale


J:\writerslifeline.ca\Diwakar- Tinder Box.htm

J:\writerslifeline.ca\brochure shivaji conferene.pdf

*A beautiful poem on the poetry of Stephen Gill by Prof. Dubey, a notable poet and literary critic from India. He says:

In Stephen Gill's poetry
Three things can be discerned--
The pain of Partition,
Sharp pangs of displacement
And a different diaspora dais.
Full poem

*Stephen Gill’s novel The Coexistence venerates brotherhood to generate prosperities, writes Professor Dr. Vijay Roy, a prominent poet and literary critic, from Northern Border University in Arar, Saudi Arabia.    DETAILS 


--Rich diversity in Stephen Gill’s novel The Coexistence,  critical evaluation by a former professor of English Literature, Dr. Shobha Diwakar..     DETAILS  


*Kalpna in Raipur, an engaging  short story by Stephen Gill, is also about love between a female professor from India and an Indian diaspora writer in Canada. The story demonstrates that the theory of detachment was responsible for colonial rules and Now social and political corruptions in India.     STORY

J:\writerslifeline.ca\KALPNA in Raipur.pdf

*Kalpna Agrees For Raipur is a short story by Stephen Gill, based on love between an woman professor from India and an Indian diaspora writer in Canada. One believes in love with detachment and another in simply love.               STORY

J:\writerslifeline.ca\Kalpna agrees for Raipur.htm

J:\writerslifeline.ca\Kalpna agrees for Raipur.htm

*Dr. Sherif traces terrorism and hope in Stephen Gill’s epic The Flame           DETAILS

J:\writerslifeline.ca\shakila sherif.htm

J:\writerslifeline.ca\shakila sherif.htm

*Three poems on Ethiopia by Vijay Roy…      POEMS

J:\writerslifeline.ca\Roy--poems on Ethiopia.htm

J:\writerslifeline.ca\Roy--poems on Ethiopia.htm

*Sapna Parihar interviews Dr. Stephen Gill with probing questions about his writings and beliefs.. .        DETAILS


J:\writerslifeline.ca\Sapna Parihar.htm

*Stephen Gill’s novel The Coexistence  is a wake-up call, writes Prof. Dr. Bratton in his research paper.       DETAILS

J:\writerslifeline.ca\Bratton (Coexistence).htm

*Two poems by Shobha Diwakar:Redemption and Mars..


J:\writerslifeline.ca\Redemption & Mars-Diwakar.htm

J:\writerslifeline.ca\Redemption & Mars-Diwakar.htm

*KK Srivastava’s third collection of poems, titled Shadows has a unique grace.        DETAILS   



*Stephen Gill points out the Gandhian way to produce a symphony of heart … DETAILS

J:\writerslifeline.ca\Gandhi symphony.pdf

J:\writerslifeline.ca\Gandhi symphony.pdf

*Stephen Gill on love and peace: selected quotes : QUOTES    

J:\writerslifeline.ca\Stephen Gill love and peace quotes.pdf

J:\writerslifeline.ca\Stephen Gill love and peace quotes.pdf

*The longing of Talat Arzoo. A review of  Nida-e-Dil  (The Voice of the Heart.       REVIEW



*Most Indo-Canadians are aspirants of new affluence. The mythical interpretation of Indo-Canadian diaspora is a great injustice to the original Diasporans.            DETAILS

J:\writerslifeline.ca\Mythical Diaspora.pdf

J:\writerslifeline.ca\Mythical Diaspora.pdf

*1999 is one of the unforgettable years of my visits to India. I came back with weird experiences. The BJP was in power…  DETAILS

J:\writerslifeline.ca\year to break silence.Stephen Gill.pdf

J:\writerslifeline.ca\year to break silence.Stephen Gill.pdf

*Prof. Iacob discusses Stephen Gill’s novel The Coexistence from its style to structure…  DETAILS

J:\writerslifeline.ca\iacob-from style to structure of coexistence.htm

J:\writerslifeline.ca\iacob-from style to structure of coexistence.htm

*Gill’s novel The Coexistence is the conscience of day, says Dr. Zotta in this paper.  DETAILS

J:\writerslifeline.ca\Zotta evalutes Stephen Gill.htm

J:\writerslifeline.ca\Zotta evalutes Stephen Gill.htm

*Shobha Diwakar is a new member of the Advisory Board of Writers Lifeline. She sends another poem from India. This time about the partition of India in 1947 that resulted in untold bloodshed:

So many years have passed

the partition shook so many.

Relationships broken…unbroken;

The plight, the flight,…Read the poem  FREEDOM HERE


J:\webupdated\yeats and Gill.htm